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Canada has a complex history as a former colony of the British Empire, and there are numerous documents related to this period that are of historical significance. These documents include official records such as colonial laws, land grants, and administrative correspondence, as well as personal letters, diaries, and memoirs of colonial officials and settlers. Many of these documents are housed in national and provincial archives and libraries, where they serve as important resources for researchers, historians, and the general public interested in learning about Canada's colonial history and its relationship with the British Empire. They provide valuable insights into the social, economic, and political structures of colonial society, as well as the struggles for independence and self-determination that have shaped Canada's national identity.

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1763 Proclimation

It was issued by King George III of Great Britain on October 7, 1763, and it was titled...
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Coureur de Bois

Alexander Ross (1789-1856) was a Scottish-born author and fur trader who worked in...
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Bill of Rights

The English Bill of Rights is a landmark piece of legislation that was passed by the Parliament ...
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George III Rebellion

The 1775 Proclamation of Rebellion was issued by King George III on August 23, 1775, in response to the...
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HBC Charter

The Royal Charter incorporating The Hudson's Bay Company was granted by King Charles II of England...
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Jay Treaty

The Jay Treaty was a diplomatic agreement signed between the United States and Great Britain...
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Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, also known as the Great Charter, is a document signed by King John of England ...
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The Proclamation of Arms, also known as the Executive Order 446, was signed by U.S. ...
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Quebec Act

The Quebec Act was a British law passed in 1774 that established the province of Quebec as ...
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Richard Hakluyt

Richard Hakluyt's "Discourse of Western Planting" was a document written in 1584 that...
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Soame Jenkins

Soame Jenkyns' "The Objections to the Taxation of our American Colonies by the ...
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The Statute of Westminster is an important constitutional document in the history of the British ...
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Trearty of Ghent

The Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24, 1814, in the city of Ghent, Belgium. It...
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William French

On December 31, 1701, King William III of England addressed Parliament on the issue of France...
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William - Conqueror

William the Conqueror (1028-1087) was the Duke of Normandy who became the King of England...
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Wyndham Quebec

Charles Wyndham (1710-1763) was a British army officer and politician who served as a ...
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Yorktown Capitulation

The Articles of Capitulation were a set of terms agreed upon by the British and American forces ...
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