British Columbiaa - Periods - Boom & Bust

Boom and Bust  (1919-1937)
This was the post world war I world and although there was a fleeting period of economic slow down, things picked up and the economy began to expand at a very healthy rate.
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First Women MLA - 1918 

Mary Ellen Smith was the first woman to be elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in British
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CN Rail Formed 1919

The Canadian National Railway Company (CN) was formed in 1919 through the merger of two Canadian
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Indigenous Schools 1920

Duncan Scott was the Indian Affairs Superintendent for Canada during the late 19th and early 20th century
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Chinese Imm-Act 1923

The Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, was a law passed by the
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UBC Moves 1925 

The University of British Columbia (UBC) was founded in 1908 and is a public research university located in
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Victoria wins the Cup 1925  

The Victoria Cougars were a professional ice hockey team based in Victoria, British Columbia. They
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Percy Williams Wins 1928 

Percy Williams (1908-1982) was a Canadian sprinter from British Columbia. Born in Vancouver, he
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Stock Market Crash 1929  

The stock market crash of 1929 had a significant impact on the economy of British Columbia, as it did with the
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Doukhobors Protest 1929 

The Doukhobors were a religious group in Canada who, in 1929, staged a series of protests against
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Social Assist 1930  

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, social assistance in British Columbia (BC) was provided through
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Emily Carr Artist 1930 

Emily Carr was a Canadian artist and writer born on December 13, 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia. She is best
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Relief Camps 1932 

During the Great Depression, the government of British Columbia established relief camps as a way to
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Minimum Wage 1934 

In 1934, the British Columbia government established a minimum wage of 25 cents per hour for women
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On to Ottawa 1935 

The "On to Ottawa Trek" was a protest march and strike by unemployed men in 1935 in Canada,
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Bloody Sunday 1935 

Bloody Sunday was a violent clash that took place on October 14, 1935, in Vancouver, British Columbia,
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