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The Parliament of British Columbia, also known as the Legislative Assembly, is made up of 87 members who are elected to represent their respective constituencies in the province. The members are elected in general elections held every four years, or sooner if the government is dissolved. The Parliament is headed by the Speaker, who is responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the House. The Premier, who is the leader of the political party with the most seats in the House, serves as the head of government and is responsible for appointing Cabinet members to oversee various areas of government. The Parliament plays a vital role in the governance of British Columbia, passing legislation, approving budgets and holding the government accountable to the people of the province.
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The position of Premier in British Columbia has evolved over time, reflecting changes in the province's...
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The Executive Council, also known as the Cabinet, is the main policy-making body of the British Columbia...
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The Judicial Branch is comprised of the courts, including the Supreme Court of British Columbia and...
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The Legislative Branch of the government of British Columbia is comprised of the Legislative...
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The Parliament of British Columbia is composed of three parts: the Lieutenant Governor, the Legislative...
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