British Columbia - Periods of history

PERIODS - Prehistory to Present
British Columbia's history can be divided into several periods, each characterized by important events, developments, and changes: .
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Pre-History to 1770

The pre-history period is considered to be a time of Indigenous migration...
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First Contact 1770-1841

With the arrival of the English, Spanish, and Russians, contact ...
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Colonization  1841-1870

With the arrival of settlement of Victoria and the discovery of gold...
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Confederation 1871-1899

Confederation brought major changes to BC with the building of the railroad.
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Parties & War 1900-1918

As the new century began political powers became central to BC politics
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Boom & Bust 1919-1937

This was the post world war I world and although there was a fleeting
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World War II 1938-1945

With the coming of World War BC was exposed to potentially hostile
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Social Credit 1946-1971

The post-war boom saw the rise of the Social Credit Party under WAC
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NDP & Change 1972-2001 

By the early 70’s BC was ready for change and the election of the NDP
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Modern History 2002-Present

The history of modern BC is still unfolding but the 21st century has
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