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The history of Indigenous people in Canada is complex and multifaceted, and there are many documents related to Indigenous people that are of historical significance. These documents include official records such as treaties, land claims, and residential school records, as well as personal letters, diaries, and oral histories of Indigenous people. Many of these documents are housed in national and provincial archives and libraries, as well as in Indigenous cultural centers and community archives, where they serve as important resources for researchers, historians, and the general public interested in learning about the experiences and perspectives of Indigenous people in Canada. They provide valuable insights into the history of colonization, the ongoing struggles for Indigenous rights and sovereignty, and the diverse cultural and linguistic traditions of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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1969 White Paper

The White Paper on Indian Policy, released by the Government of Canada in 1969, was a ...
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BC native Claims

In 1991, the British Columbia government signed the BC Treaty Commission Agreement...
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Chief Dan George

"1967 Chief Dan George (Teswahno) 1899 - Lament for Confederation" is a powerful speech...
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Cree Appeal

The James Bay Cree took the position that they did not want to seperate from Canada...
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Dene Declaration

The 1975 Declaration of Dene Nationhood was a landmark event in the history of Indigenous peoples...
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Indian Act

The Indian Act is a Canadian federal law that governs the relationship between Indigenous peoples...
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Innu Declaration

The Declaration on the Effective Exercise of the Right to Self-Determination of the Innu ...
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The Gayanashagowa was passed down orally through generations of Haudenosaunee leaders...
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Native Soldiers

Indigenous peoples contributed to the war effort in a variety of ways, including as soldiers...
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Ojibway Poems

These poems are written in the Ojibway language, also known as the Anishinaabe language, which...
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Old Indian Legends

"Old Indian Legends" is a collection of traditional stories and legends from various Native American...
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"Appeal to Lord Grey" made by Canadian businessman and politician Joseph Howe in 1836...
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Sioux Legends

"Myths and Legends of the Sioux" is a book written by Marie L. McLaughlin, originally published in 1916...
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Sir George SImpson

his document is a letter written by George Simpson, the Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, ...
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Treaties 1 & 2

Treaties One and Two are two of the eleven numbered treaties signed between the Canadian government...
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Treaty 10

Treaty Ten is one of the historic agreements between the Canadian government and the Indigenous....
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Treaty 11

Treaty Eleven is a historical agreement signed in 1921-1922 between the Canadian government...
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Treaty 3

Treaty Three, also known as the "Northwest Angle Treaty," is one of the historic treaties signed ...
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Treaty 4

The 1874 Treaty Four is a historic agreement between the Cree and Saulteaux First Nations....
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Treaty  5

Treaty Five is one of eleven numbered treaties signed between the Canadian government...
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Treaty 7

Treaty Seven is a historic agreement signed on September 22, 1877, between the Canadian...
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US 6 Nations Treaty

The Pickering Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Canandaigua, was signed on November 11, 1794...
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