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Pre-History (to 1778)
The pre-history period is considered to be a time of Indigenous migration into British Columbia by people who came across the Bering Strait land bridge and spread throughout the America's. These people have inhabited British Columbia for 10's of thousands of years and developed rich and sophisticated cultures. The record of their history before contact with Europeans is mainly oral and through artifacts.
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Athabascan People

The Athabascan Indigenous people in British Columbia are believed to have originated in Asia, crossed across the Bering Straits...MORE
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 Haida   People 

The Haida are an Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. They are known for their art, particularly...MORE
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  Kutenai   People

The Kutenai (also known as Ktunaxa or Kootenai) indigenous people are a First Nations people who traditionally...MORE
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Salishan People

The Salishan indigenous people are a group of First Nations people who traditionally lived in the coastal regions of British Columbia...MORE
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Tsimshian People

The Tsimshian people are believed to have originated from Asia, as part of the larger migration of indigenous peoples from Asia to...MORE
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Wakashan People 

The origin of the Wakashan Indigenous people is not specifically known, but they have ancestral connections to Southeast...MORE
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