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British Columbia's history is a fascinating and complex story ranging from Prehistoric times to modern day. Please explore the stories, documents, maps, politics, and culture of this spectacular province.  
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The pre-history of British Columbia is a period dominated by the migration of aboriginal peoples into the area and the establishment of their way of life and their unique cultures.
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Explorers & Traders

From the 1500's onward explorers and traders travelled overland and by sea to the Pacfic Northwest and established relationships with many of the people in the area. 
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As the world closed in on British the Pacific Northwest geo-politics encouraged a race to settle and claim the lands of Present day BC. British, Spanish, Russian and America all made claims.
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The consolidation and confederation of British colonies in eastern North America in 1867 were the beginning of the creation of Canada which incorporated British Columbia in 1871.
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Parties & War

As British Columbia developed in the later 19th century, the make up of it's people and identity shifted drastically and cumulated in the development of party politics and WW I.
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Boom & Bust

The end of the war saw a period of recession and then economic boom based upon rich natural resources and the collapse of the economy in 1929 triggering the great depression.
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World War II

The Second World War brought B.C. out of the recession in reconnected it with world politics, economies, and social and cultural change. The province emerged changed once again.
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Social Credit  

The formation of a new party in British Columbia based upon the Social Credit model of Alberta presented an anti-leftist machine which held power for more then 20 years.
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NDP & Change

The shift to the left and an NDP government in 1972 challenged Social Credit dominance and a new politcial landscape. This new political reality pointed towards the demise of the Social Credit.
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Modern History

As the 21st century began a new British Columbia emerged with a vastly more sophisticated culture, economy, population makeup and agenda with a strong sense of environmentalism.
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